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Back at it again as if it hadn’t have been
That of a trend for the atom in men to split
Yeah I got my habits to kick
But I gather my grip adamant
For why would you ever fathom to quit
Battling this logic twisted
Head nodding to misogynistic tones
Robbing our blocks of gifted kids quick to sit at home
With fitted lids that don’t fit they dome
They outfitted in chrome
Get the rims the new key-less features
The dogs with they muzzles off
And I don’t know if it’s a sin to wear two Jesus pieces
But I know that we been double-crossed
How you full grown talking how you squeezing pieces
When you that you would shy away
From the truth you just an old man in a booth
Its 9 youth that will die today
I rhyme this way this way for the left for dead
Who copy the big screen and get dressed in lead
Shot when she was 16 one in the chest two in the head
It’s a sick dream for us to want to rest instead

Got to get it right
Got to get it right
Got to get it right
I’m sorry sista
Got to get it right
Got to get it right
Got to get it right
I’m growing up

Hurt her through the rhyme
Skirt it through designer fashion
Deferred her dreams to find her murdered
Be it crime of passion
Refer to scenes behind the words
To see what finally happened
Turned to mindless action
Time to redefine whats masculine
Are we to find the mask of men
Speechless and rendered silent
Beaten minds, the acts of kin
Repeatin gender violence
We see the signs and we deny any involvement
Like the 38 describes it aint a 38 revolver
It’s a dirty way to solve the tiny problem of conviction
To hurry and tape the mouths of anybody trying to listen
Cus surly they would respond to the bodies on television
These oddities selling visions of sodomy telling children
That these women are all objects an inanimate prop
It don’t help me to see the problem
And not demand it to stop
I abandon the flock
Who thinks Hip-Hop is bigger then humanity
Stop and think if Pac or Biggie’s type of vanity
Got your family caught in crisis
The man on T.V. who taught your kids what life is
Or what a wife is, what a gun and a knife is
They teach you how to fight
But come on how do we fight this?

Got to get it right
Got to get it right
Got to get it right
Im sorry sista
Got to get it right
Got to get it right
Got to get it right
Im growing up


from Friends Enemies Apples Apples, track released September 20, 2009
Written by: Mr. J. Medeiros
Produced by: Stro the 89th Key


all rights reserved



Mr. J. Medeiros Paris, France

w/ AllttA
w/ thebandknives
w/ The Procussions
w/ The Cutlery

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